JEWS & SLAVS. Volume I. Jerusalem — St.Petersburg, 1993

The present volume opens a new series devoted to various aspects of intercourse between Jewish and Slavic cultures.
The series is designed as a collective international enterprise open for presentation of various points of view.
The idea of such a publication was put forward at the international symposium “Synchrony and Diachrony in Jewish-Slavic Language Contacts” (Jerusalem 1984). The second meeting in the form of an international congress “The Bible and East Slavic Culture of the Xlth-XXth Centuries” takes place in Jerusalem in June 1993.
This collection of papers provides a striking illustration of the wide geographical spread of researchers interested in the subject: Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, USA, UK, Sweden, Yugoslavia, and Romania. The authors discuss continuous contacts and interrelation of Jewish and Slavic cultures, throwing new light on various aspects of a hitherto neglected field of research.
We hope that this publication will contribute to a better understanding of problems and issues in the area of Jewish-Slavic contacts. (далее…)

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